Wildlife Categories

Wildlife Categories

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Woodpeckers Scramble SquaresWoodpeckers Scramble Squares
Wood Ducks (1000 pcs.)Wood Ducks (1000 pcs.)
We're Home (1000 pcs.)We're Home (1000 pcs.)
Tundra: Bears It All (1000 pcs.)Tundra: Bears It All (1000 pcs.)
Tropical Rain Forest (1000 pcs.)Tropical Rain Forest (1000 pcs.)
Treetop Holidays (1000 pcs.)Treetop Holidays (1000 pcs.)
The Tortoise & the Hare (500 pcs.)The Tortoise & the Hare (500 pcs.)
The Chicken or the Egg (300 oversized pcs.)The Chicken or the Egg (300 oversized pcs.)
Texas Born (550 pcs.)Texas Born (550 pcs.)
Texas 66 (1000 pcs.)Texas 66 (1000 pcs.)
Sonoran Sunset (1000 pcs.)Sonoran Sunset (1000 pcs.)
Songbirds (1000 pcs.)Songbirds (1000 pcs.)
Sisters Kaleidoscope (550 pcs.)Sisters Kaleidoscope (550 pcs.)
Shared Spaces (1000 pcs.)Shared Spaces (1000 pcs.)
Roosters Scramble SquaresRoosters Scramble Squares
River Otters Scramble SquaresRiver Otters Scramble Squares
Red-Eyed Tree Frog (1000 pcs.)Red-Eyed Tree Frog (1000 pcs.)
Red, White & Bluebird (1000 pcs.)Red, White & Bluebird (1000 pcs.)
Proud Parents Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)Proud Parents Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Primates Scramble SquaresPrimates Scramble Squares
Polar Kingdom (550 pcs.)Polar Kingdom (550 pcs.)
Polar Bear and Baby (1000 pcs.)Polar Bear and Baby (1000 pcs.)
Perhaps A Prince (300 oversized pcs.)Perhaps A Prince (300 oversized pcs.)
Penguins of the World (1000 pcs.)Penguins of the World (1000 pcs.)
Penguin & Chick (1000 pcs.)Penguin & Chick (1000 pcs.)
Peekaboo Frog (500 pcs.)Peekaboo Frog (500 pcs.)
Peaceful Retreat (300 oversized pcs.)Peaceful Retreat (300 oversized pcs.)
Parrots in Paradise (1000 pcs.)Parrots in Paradise (1000 pcs.)
Panda Elegance (1000 pcs.)Panda Elegance (1000 pcs.)
Panda and Baby (1000 pcs.)Panda and Baby (1000 pcs.)
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Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles

Wildlife Jigsaw PuzzlesA favorite subject among jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts is wildlife jigsaw puzzles. As we strive to understand nature more, we are drawn to wildlife jigsaw puzzles that cover a variety of creatures. And these finished puzzles are breathtaking, inexpensive artwork to decorate your home and office. We have a huge selection of wildlife puzzles including normal rectangle/square puzzles and special puzzles that are in the shape of the animal itself.
Your family will love our puzzle wildlife shaped puzzles. They will add beauty and color to any family room or office. An inexpensive way to bring the wildlife animal world into your home.

Jigsaw Wildlife Puzzles For the Entire Family

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just enjoy wildlife from a distance doing a wildlife jigsaw puzzle is a great way to get close to nature.  We have outstanding wildlife jigsaw puzzles with lots of detail to get you up-close-and-personal with many forms of wildlife.
We also have a great selection of wildlife puzzles for children.  And what a great way to decorate a child’s room than with several colorful wildlife jigsaw puzzles.

Our jigsaw wildlife puzzles come in a wide variety of subjects, including:

Eagles:  The most popular jigsaw puzzle subject of all of our wildlife jigsaw puzzles.  This majestic creature can be found in almost 100 unique jigsaw puzzles on our web site.

Bears:  Whether it be black, brown, or panda, you will find them all in our puzzle wildlife shaped puzzles and classic styles. 

Deer/Elk/Moose: Another very popular subject in our jigsaw wildlife puzzles are a hunter’s dream; the trophy animals with their full racks! Those of you who are not hunters can still have these majestic animals hanging on your wall and no stuffing required!

Puzzle Wildlife Wolves: Second only to eagles, wolves are an extremely popular subject in our wildlife jigsaw puzzles, whether it be just the animal itself, or in conjunction with the Native American influence. With their piercing eyes it seems like they can see right into your soul in both puzzle wildlife shaped puzzles or rectangular formats.

Lions & Tigers:  We have a tremendous selection of lions and tigers for your jigsaw puzzle enjoyment in our jigsaw wildlife puzzles gallery. 

There is something for everyone in our extensive wildlife jigsaw puzzles collection. Buy a beautiful, colorful wildlife jigsaw puzzle today!

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