Categories for Shaped Puzzles

Categories for Shaped Puzzles

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The Earth Puzzleball (540 pcs.)The Earth Puzzleball (540 pcs.)
Sunset in the Desert puzzlePyramid (240 pcs.)Sunset in the Desert puzzlePyramid (240 pcs.)
Soccer puzzleball (54 pcs.)Soccer puzzleball (54 pcs.)
Silent Harmony puzzleball (540 pcs.)Silent Harmony puzzleball (540 pcs.)
Santa's Workshop (1000 pcs.)Santa's Workshop (1000 pcs.)
Mountain High Pumpkin Patch(1000 pcs.)Mountain High Pumpkin Patch(1000 pcs.)
Mini Cat Puzzleball (24 pcs.)Mini Cat Puzzleball (24 pcs.)
Mini Bunny Puzzleball (24 pcs.)Mini Bunny Puzzleball (24 pcs.)
Mettalic Earth Puzzleball (540 pcs.)Mettalic Earth Puzzleball (540 pcs.)
Kittens Delight (900 pcs.)Kittens Delight (900 pcs.)
Ho! Ho! Ho! (1000 pcs.)Ho! Ho! Ho! (1000 pcs.)
Hello Kitty Puzzleball (240 pcs.)Hello Kitty Puzzleball (240 pcs.)
Hello Kitty "Love" Heart puzzleball (60 pcs.)Hello Kitty "Love" Heart puzzleball (60 pcs.)
Hello Kitty "Big Face" puzzleball (60 pcs.)Hello Kitty "Big Face" puzzleball (60 pcs.)
Fairies Heart puzzleball #1 (60 pcs.)Fairies Heart puzzleball #1 (60 pcs.)
Cozy Christmas (1000 pcs.)Cozy Christmas (1000 pcs.)
Country Bells (750 pcs.)Country Bells (750 pcs.)
Classic Firetrucks (600 pcs.)Classic Firetrucks (600 pcs.)
Children's Globe PuzzleBall w/ Booklet (240 pcs.)Children's Globe PuzzleBall w/ Booklet (240 pcs.)
Castle Stronghold (1000 pcs.)Castle Stronghold (1000 pcs.)
Beach Cats (900 pcs.)Beach Cats (900 pcs.)
Baseball puzzleball (54 pcs.)Baseball puzzleball (54 pcs.)
Antiques For Sale (700 pcs.)Antiques For Sale (700 pcs.)
Ana Cruz: Dusky Dream World puzzleball (540 pcs.)Ana Cruz: Dusky Dream World puzzleball (540 pcs.)

Shaped Puzzles for Adults

Shaped PuzzlesOur shaped puzzles for adults offer a unique challenge not available in a standard puzzle. Most shaped puzzles are in the shape of the puzzle subject. For example, a bear puzzle would be in the shape of a bear and would include scenes within the shaped puzzle that relate to a bear. Shaped puzzles for adults are fun and creative.

Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles for AdultsWe carry the entire line of shaped puzzles made by SunsOut, one of the leading creators of shaped puzzles. We also carry shaped puzzles for adults from Paper House. We have shaped puzzles of nature subjects like butterflies, leaves, and turtles, to name just a few.  We also offer shaped puzzles for the holidays, like Christmas trees, snowmen, and jack-o-lanterns, and lots of other subjects too numerous to mention. Why not browse our Shaped Puzzle  page. We are sure you will find something you will love in our shaped puzzles for adults.

3D Puzzles for Adults

3D Puzzles for AdultsWe also carry 3D puzzles for adults from Ravensburger and Winning Solutions (licensed by Hasbro).  These 3D puzzles are the ultimate challenge for puzzlers and create free-standing structures. We offer many different structures from haunted houses to castles; from the Eiffel Tower to the U.S. Capitol. 3D puzzles for adults are so much fun! 

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