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Grizzly Coloring Puzzle (300 oversized pcs)

Grizzly Coloring Puzzle (300 oversized pcs)

Grizzly Coloring Puzzle (300 oversized pcs)
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This coloring puzzle from White Mountain offers oversized pieces for people with vision and/or finger dexterity issues.
White Mountain has done "coloring puzzles" right! They have printed the puzzle in black & white (for coloring) and the other side is printed in full color.  If you've ever put a "coloring puzzle" together you know how difficult they are.  It's nothing but black lines on a white background.  But with White Mountain coloring puzzles you can put them together using the colored side, then flip the puzzle over and color it to your liking.  The best of both worlds!!
Code WM1201
Title Grizzly Coloring Puzzle
Art credit Sue Coccia
Pieces 300 oversized
Approximate Piece Size 1.5" x 2.0"
Finished Puzzle Size 18" X 24"
Materials High quality recycled papers and premium blueboard
Manufacturer White Mountain
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