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United States Map for Children (500 pcs.)

United States Map for Children (500 pcs.)

United States Map for Children (500 pcs.)
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Because the piece count is high for a child's puzzle, we suggest this one for older children 9+. Or if used in a classroom enviroment, we suggest the teacher assemble the puzzle first, then divide the puzzle into sections, placing the pieces for each section into plastic zip bags. Then the children would "work" the puzzle in teams, assembly all the sections at the end. The puzzle would also work well as a "family project". The puzzle contains printed information about the United States that would appeal to children.

This puzzle from Round World Incorporated is one of the highest quality puzzles we've seen but still affordably priced. There is no "cardboard dust" in this puzzle and each piece is cleanly cut with a very snug fit. Hopefully in the future they will offer more subjects!
Code RW02295
Title United States Map for Children
Art credits
Pieces 500
Size 24" x 36"
Materials Special recycled cardboard with very little "puzzle dust"
Manufacturer Round World
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