Puzzles make great gifts!!

But with so many puzzles (get it!!!) on the market you might not know which puzzles someone might already have, or maybe you're not sure which puzzles they might like.  Gift certificates are the perfect solution.   IMPORTANT: Your recepient must have access to the Internet and our website to redeem.

After purchase, you will be able to print the gift certificate on the receipt page during the check-out process, to present to your recipient. The print option is shown immediately below the form of payment (credit card or Paypal) you used to make the purchase.
Note:  Gift Certificate purchases do not apply towards "free shipping" (because nothing is shipped). When redeemed, the amount of the gift certificate WILL apply towards "free shippinig" totals.

You can purchase multiple gift certificates at one time. If they are for different individuals, that's not a problem.  You will simply print out each gift certificate and write your recipient's names on each one.

If you are ordering ONLY gift certificates, the website will still ask you for shipping information, even though nothing is being shipped/mailed.

* Every puzzle you see on our website IS IN STOCK. *
(Out-of-Stock items will reappear when available again.)

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