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23 Cottage Lane (300 oversized pcs.)23 Cottage Lane (300 oversized pcs.)
Almond Branches (1000 pcs.)Almond Branches (1000 pcs.)
Bear Cubs Standing (300 oversized pcs.)Bear Cubs Standing (300 oversized pcs.)
Big Cats (1000 pcs.)Big Cats (1000 pcs.)
Blooming Garden (300 oversized pcs.)Blooming Garden (300 oversized pcs.)
Blue Home (300 oversized pcs.)Blue Home (300 oversized pcs.)
Boy's Best Friend (300 oversized pcs.)Boy's Best Friend (300 oversized pcs.)
Cake Pops (300 oversized pcs.)Cake Pops (300 oversized pcs.)
Carnivorous Dinosaurs (100 pcs.)Carnivorous Dinosaurs (100 pcs.)
Cat Breeds (300 oversized pcs.)Cat Breeds (300 oversized pcs.)
Cats Under Blanket (750 pcs.)Cats Under Blanket (750 pcs.)
Choppers (1000 pcs.)Choppers (1000 pcs.)
City Collection- NYC Yellow Cab (500 oversized pcs.)City Collection- NYC Yellow Cab (500 oversized pcs.)
Civil War Generals (1000 pcs.)Civil War Generals (1000 pcs.)
Country Cottage (300 oversized pcs.)Country Cottage (300 oversized pcs.)
Country Shed (300 oversized pcs.)Country Shed (300 oversized pcs.)
Cupcakes (300 oversized pcs.)Cupcakes (300 oversized pcs.)
Dinosaurs Children's Puzzle (100 pcs.)Dinosaurs Children's Puzzle (100 pcs.)
Dirt Bike (1000 pcs.)Dirt Bike (1000 pcs.)
Dog Breeds (300 oversized pcs.)Dog Breeds (300 oversized pcs.)
Driving Home for Christmas (1000 pcs.)Driving Home for Christmas (1000 pcs.)
Eagle (1000 pcs.)Eagle (1000 pcs.)
Fifty Years of Power Ford Mustang 2015 (1000 pcs.)Fifty Years of Power Ford Mustang 2015 (1000 pcs.)
Ford Mustang Evolution: Horizontal (1000 pcs.)Ford Mustang Evolution: Horizontal (1000 pcs.)
Ford Mustang Evolution: Vertical (1000 pcs.)Ford Mustang Evolution: Vertical (1000 pcs.)
Fun in the Sun (300 oversized pcs.)Fun in the Sun (300 oversized pcs.)
Giraffe Mother's Kiss (500 oversized pcs.)Giraffe Mother's Kiss (500 oversized pcs.)
Golden Gate Bridge, California (1000 pcs.)Golden Gate Bridge, California (1000 pcs.)
Gymnastics: Go Girls Go (100 pcs.)Gymnastics: Go Girls Go (100 pcs.)
History of Trains (500 oversized pcs.)History of Trains (500 oversized pcs.)
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EuroGraphics Jigsaw Puzzles

Eurographics Jigsaw Puzzles EuroGraphics jigsaw puzzles offer the widest variety of jigsaw puzzles than any other manufacturer we carry on our website. They make a wide selection of quality jigsaw puzzles with most of their subjects being unique in the jigsaw puzzle industry. They also offer a wide variety of museum-type subjects including many works of art. 

Why EuroGraphic Puzzles?

Eurographic Puzzles EuroGraphic puzzles are made from recycled, high quality blue board. All their pieces are interlocking. Speaking from personal experience from the staff here at, we have found the pieces in EuroGraphics puzzles to have the tightest fit and after assembling the puzzle it is easy to pick up the entire puzzle by holding 2 of the corners.  And EuroGraphics jigsaw puzzles are made in the U.S.A. is proud to sell EuroGraphics jigsaw puzzles.
* Every puzzle you see on our website IS IN STOCK. *
(Out-of-Stock items will reappear when available again.)

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