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At Home In the Barn (275 oversized pcs.)At Home In the Barn (275 oversized pcs.)
Back Yards  (275 oversized pcs.)Back Yards (275 oversized pcs.)
British Pier  (275 oversized pcs.)British Pier (275 oversized pcs.)
Carousel Ride (275 oversized pcs.)Carousel Ride (275 oversized pcs.)
Christmas at Kilbride (275 oversized pcs.)Christmas at Kilbride (275 oversized pcs.)
Christmas Ornaments (275 oversized pcs.)Christmas Ornaments (275 oversized pcs.)
Cupcake Garden (275 oversized pcs.)Cupcake Garden (275 oversized pcs.)
Cups & Saucers (275 oversized pcs.)Cups & Saucers (275 oversized pcs.)
Every Dog Has Its Day (275 oversized pcs.)Every Dog Has Its Day (275 oversized pcs.)
Family Portrait (275 oversized pcs.)Family Portrait (275 oversized pcs.)
Farmers' Market (275 oversized pcs.)Farmers' Market (275 oversized pcs.)
First Snow (275 oversized pcs.)First Snow (275 oversized pcs.)
Friends Forever (275 oversized pcs.)Friends Forever (275 oversized pcs.)
Gingerbread Makers (275 oversized pcs.)Gingerbread Makers (275 oversized pcs.)
Hockey Night (275 oversized pcs.)Hockey Night (275 oversized pcs.)
Holiday Sparkle (275 oversized pcs.)Holiday Sparkle (275 oversized pcs.)
Kittens (275 oversized pcs.)Kittens (275 oversized pcs.)
Old Coach Inn (275 oversized pcs.)Old Coach Inn (275 oversized pcs.)
Our Couch (275 oversized pcs.)Our Couch (275 oversized pcs.)
Peachy Keen (275 oversized pcs.)Peachy Keen (275 oversized pcs.)
Saturday Matinee (275 oversized pcs.)Saturday Matinee (275 oversized pcs.)
Silent Travelers (275 oversized pcs.)Silent Travelers (275 oversized pcs.)
Spring Fling  (275 oversized pcs.)Spring Fling (275 oversized pcs.)
Summer Fantasy (275 oversized pcs.)Summer Fantasy (275 oversized pcs.)
Tea With Grandpa (275 oversized pcs.)Tea With Grandpa (275 oversized pcs.)
Teddy Bear Workshop (275 oversized pcs.)Teddy Bear Workshop (275 oversized pcs.)
Victorian Reflections (275 oversized pcs.)Victorian Reflections (275 oversized pcs.)

275 Piece Large Format Adult Puzzles

275 Large Piece Puzzles For Adults275 piece large format puzzles are a big favorite among our elderly population.  A large piece jigsaw puzzle for adults in the 275 piece count range offers a challenge and a sense of accomplishment while keeping fingers nimble and minds active. Yes, it is very close in count to a 300-count puzzle, but it might be the perfect piece count for some people so we have broken it out.

The 275 piece large format puzzles for adults are made primary by one puzzle manufacturer, Cobble Hill.  They are a very high quality puzzle made in the U.S.  Like a 300-count large piece puzzle this piece count makes it easier for people with finger dexterity issues.  They are much easier to grab not only for the elderly, but children as well.  And the piece size is much larger than a normal puzzle, so each piece offer a larger visual clue. A 275 piece large format puzzle is also much easier for people facing vision problems.

275 Piece Puzzles For Adults Are More Plentiful

275 Piece Large Format Adult PuzzlesCobble Hill, the primary jigsaw puzzle manufacturer that offers the 275 large piece counts continue to expanded their offerings in the 275 piece large format because they are big sellers.  

We continue to strive to offer you a great selection of oversized piece puzzles in the 275 piece count range to keep your minds active and your fingers moving while you continue to have fun.    We all know jigsaw puzzles are fun and very affordable entertainment!

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Puzzle Sorter

Puzzle Sorter

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Something EVERY avid puzzler should have . . . a set of nesting boxes for sorting pieces. Click the image for additional information.
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