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Village Streets (300 pcs.)Village Streets (300 pcs.)
Victorian Christmas (1000 pcs.)Victorian Christmas (1000 pcs.)
Under the Tree (1000 pcs.)Under the Tree (1000 pcs.)
Trimming the Tree (300 oversized pcs.)Trimming the Tree (300 oversized pcs.)
Toy Shop on Main Street (300 oversized pcs.)Toy Shop on Main Street (300 oversized pcs.)
Town Meeting (300 oversized pcs.)Town Meeting (300 oversized pcs.)
The Toy Train (300 oversized pcs.)The Toy Train (300 oversized pcs.)
The Sewing Room (300 extra large pcs.)The Sewing Room (300 extra large pcs.)
Still Waters (300 extra large pcs.)Still Waters (300 extra large pcs.)
Spike's Not Gonna Like It! (300 oversized pcs.)Spike's Not Gonna Like It! (300 oversized pcs.)
Snowman Family (300 pcs.)Snowman Family (300 pcs.)
Seasonal Friends (300 oversized pcs.)Seasonal Friends (300 oversized pcs.)
Santa's Workshop (1000 pcs.)Santa's Workshop (1000 pcs.)
Morning at the Golden Gate (300 extra large pcs.)Morning at the Golden Gate (300 extra large pcs.)
Moonlight Greeting (1000 pcs.)Moonlight Greeting (1000 pcs.)
Making a Snowman (300 oversized pcs.)Making a Snowman (300 oversized pcs.)
Lighting the Way' (300 oversized pcs.)Lighting the Way' (300 oversized pcs.)
Holiday Tradition (500 pcs.)Holiday Tradition (500 pcs.)
Holiday Spirit (300 oversized pcs.)Holiday Spirit (300 oversized pcs.)
Holiday Candy (500 pcs.)Holiday Candy (500 pcs.)
Guiding Light (300 oversized pcs.)Guiding Light (300 oversized pcs.)
Dog Town Express (300 oversized pcs.)Dog Town Express (300 oversized pcs.)
Cowboy Snowman (25 pcs.)Cowboy Snowman (25 pcs.)
Church Manger (15 pcs.)Church Manger (15 pcs.)
Christmas Wonder (300 oversized pcs.)Christmas Wonder (300 oversized pcs.)
Christmas Tree Cat (300 oversized pcs.)Christmas Tree Cat (300 oversized pcs.)
Christmas Train (25 pcs.)Christmas Train (25 pcs.)
Christmas Morning (500 pcs.)Christmas Morning (500 pcs.)
Christmas Bells (1000 pcs.)Christmas Bells (1000 pcs.)
Christmas Bake Sale (1000 pcs.)Christmas Bake Sale (1000 pcs.)
Cardinal's Christmas Greetings (300 oversized pcs.)Cardinal's Christmas Greetings (300 oversized pcs.)
Boyhood Christmas (300 oversized pcs.)Boyhood Christmas (300 oversized pcs.)
A White Christmas (300 extra large pcs.)A White Christmas (300 extra large pcs.)
A Christmas Puppy (300 oversized pcs.)A Christmas Puppy (300 oversized pcs.)

Christmas Puzzles

Christmas PuzzlesIf you are looking for Christmas puzzles then you have come to the right place. We have an outstanding selection of Christmas puzzles just released for this year’s holiday season. Whether you are looking for Christmas puzzles for kids, adults, or holiday puzzles that the entire family can enjoy together we have them.  

We also carry the ever-popular 3-D Ravensburger Christmas puzzle ball ornaments that come complete with a hanging cord so you can decorate your tree every year. And these ornaments make great hostess gifts that will remind your recipient of YOU each year.

Holiday Puzzles Galore

Holiday PuzzlesThis year’s selection of Christmas puzzles from our many manufacturers is outstanding. We have beautiful religious Christmas puzzles or holiday puzzles that capture the fun “Santa” side of the holiday.  Holiday puzzles come in many sizes from a 29-piece floor puzzle up to 1000 piece adult puzzles.  We know you will like our selection of Christmas puzzles and will find several you want to buy for yourself and to give as gifts.

* Every puzzle you see on our website IS IN STOCK. *
(Out-of-Stock items will reappear when available again.)

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