Puzzles in this category are from White Mountain who makes their puzzles with similar sized pieces.  They claim they are "extra large pieces". These pieces measure approximately 1.25" x 1.25" which is not our definition of large or oversized, but they are easier to handle than a small-pieced puzzle and offer more of a visual clue.  Most manufacturers may vary the size of their pieces, then simply identify them as a standard puzzle.  Those puzzles can be found in the other categories by subject. 

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World of Horses (1000 pcs.)World of Horses (1000 pcs.)
Window Cats (1000 pcs.)Window Cats (1000 pcs.)
Wind Dancers (1000 pcs.)Wind Dancers (1000 pcs.)
Washington, D.C. (1000 pcs.)Washington, D.C. (1000 pcs.)
To The Lighthouse (1000 pcs.)To The Lighthouse (1000 pcs.)
Three Alarm Fire (550 pcs.)Three Alarm Fire (550 pcs.)
The Royal Wedding (550 pcs.)The Royal Wedding (550 pcs.)
The Nineties (1000 pcs.)The Nineties (1000 pcs.)
The Big Apple (1000 pcs.)The Big Apple (1000 pcs.)
Television History (1000 pcs.)Television History (1000 pcs.)
Tasty Treats (1000 pcs.)Tasty Treats (1000 pcs.)
Tapestry Cat (1000 pcs.)Tapestry Cat (1000 pcs.)
Sugar Time (1000 pcs.)Sugar Time (1000 pcs.)
Space Shuttle (1000 pcs.)Space Shuttle (1000 pcs.)
Songbirds (1000 pcs.)Songbirds (1000 pcs.)
Something Fishy (550 pcs.)Something Fishy (550 pcs.)
Snowmen (1000 pcs.)Snowmen (1000 pcs.)
Shells of Our Shores (1000 pcs.)Shells of Our Shores (1000 pcs.)
Santa's Big Night (1000 pcs.)Santa's Big Night (1000 pcs.)
Romantic Retreat (1000 pcs.)Romantic Retreat (1000 pcs.)
Rock 'n' Roll (1000 pcs.)Rock 'n' Roll (1000 pcs.)
Polar Kingdom (550 pcs.)Polar Kingdom (550 pcs.)
Pie Apples (1000 pcs.)Pie Apples (1000 pcs.)
Picket Fence Pals (1000 pcs.)Picket Fence Pals (1000 pcs.)
Penguins of the World (1000 pcs.)Penguins of the World (1000 pcs.)
Painted Cat (1000 pcs.)Painted Cat (1000 pcs.)
Our Friends (1000 pcs.)Our Friends (1000 pcs.)
Oldies But Goodies (1000 pcs.)Oldies But Goodies (1000 pcs.)
Olde Skating Pond (1000 pcs.)Olde Skating Pond (1000 pcs.)
O Christmas Tree (1000 pcs.)O Christmas Tree (1000 pcs.)
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