The manufacturers have announced that
the puzzles in this category are being or have been retired.
What we have in stock is all we will get so when our supples are gone
they will not be available again.

Some of these puzzles have been our biggest sellers!!  It has us scratching our head as to why they are being discontinued. 
Perhaps the licenses ran out on the designs.

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You've Got Mail (550 pcs.)You've Got Mail (550 pcs.)
The Tortoise & the Hare (500 pcs.)The Tortoise & the Hare (500 pcs.)
The NoFace Doll (500 pcs.)The NoFace Doll (500 pcs.)
The Commission (1000 pcs.)The Commission (1000 pcs.)
The Celebration (1000 pcs.)The Celebration (1000 pcs.)
Take Me, I'm Yours! (1000 pcs.)Take Me, I'm Yours! (1000 pcs.)
Surrender of Corwallis (550 pcs.)Surrender of Corwallis (550 pcs.)
Surfin' Woody (1000 pcs.)Surfin' Woody (1000 pcs.)
Sunset in the Desert puzzlePyramid (240 pcs.)Sunset in the Desert puzzlePyramid (240 pcs.)
Sunday Morning Funnies (1000 pcs.)Sunday Morning Funnies (1000 pcs.)
Studio Kittens (1000 pcs.)Studio Kittens (1000 pcs.)
Spirit of St. Nick (1000 pcs.)Spirit of St. Nick (1000 pcs.)
Sounds of the 80's (550 pcs.)Sounds of the 80's (550 pcs.)
Sounds of the 70's (550 pcs.)Sounds of the 70's (550 pcs.)
Sonoran Sunset (1000 pcs.)Sonoran Sunset (1000 pcs.)
Silent Harmony puzzleball (540 pcs.)Silent Harmony puzzleball (540 pcs.)
Shared Spaces (1000 pcs.)Shared Spaces (1000 pcs.)
Santa's Workshop (1000 pcs.)Santa's Workshop (1000 pcs.)
Redbeard and Paully (550 pcs.)Redbeard and Paully (550 pcs.)
Peekaboo Frog (500 pcs.)Peekaboo Frog (500 pcs.)
Peace-ful Tides (1000 pcs.)Peace-ful Tides (1000 pcs.)
Otter Pond (1000 pcs.)Otter Pond (1000 pcs.)
On the Ocean (1000 pcs.)On the Ocean (1000 pcs.)
New York Glow-in-the-Dark Panoramic Cityscape (750 pcs.)New York Glow-in-the-Dark Panoramic Cityscape (750 pcs.)
Nature Coloring Puzzles (24 pcs.) 3 puzzle setNature Coloring Puzzles (24 pcs.) 3 puzzle set
Mountain High Pumpkin Patch(1000 pcs.)Mountain High Pumpkin Patch(1000 pcs.)
Mermaid Princess (20 pcs.) Tray PuzzleMermaid Princess (20 pcs.) Tray Puzzle
Manhattan in the Morning (1000 pcs.)Manhattan in the Morning (1000 pcs.)
Low Tide (1000 pcs.)Low Tide (1000 pcs.)
Little Rascal (500 pcs.)Little Rascal (500 pcs.)
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