Shipping Deadlines 
for Christmas 2014
Central US & Fl: 12/19
Eastern US: 12/20 
West Coat: Forget it!
Your package will ship
from our location in W. PA
within 24-hours. But UPS Ground & USPS DO NOT guarantee
(from 12/11 through 12/24)
to deliver within their normal times.
We will do OUR part to get
your order to you in time 
but unfortunately we can't 
control the delivery companies.

If you can't find the jigsaw puzzle or puzzle accessory you are looking for, please send us a message.

The manufacturers have announced that
the puzzles in this category are being or have been retired.
What we have in stock is all we will get so when our supples are gone
they will not be available again.

Some of these puzzles have been our biggest sellers!!  It has us scratching our head as to why they are being discontinued. 
Perhaps the licenses ran out on the designs.

Click an image for more product information and/or to add to "wish list".

Yin & Yang Dolphins (1000 pcs.)Yin & Yang Dolphins (1000 pcs.)
Wonderful Wacky Women (1000 pcs.)Wonderful Wacky Women (1000 pcs.)
Wolf On The Run (1000 pcs.)Wolf On The Run (1000 pcs.)
Winter Games (550 pcs.)Winter Games (550 pcs.)
Winter Bliss (1000 oversized pcs.)Winter Bliss (1000 oversized pcs.)
Wetland Wonders (1000 pcs.)Wetland Wonders (1000 pcs.)
Walking Into Town (1000 pcs.)Walking Into Town (1000 pcs.)
US Capitol (769 pcs.)US Capitol (769 pcs.)
Two by Two (100 pcs.)Two by Two (100 pcs.)
Treading on Thin Ice (1000 pcs.)Treading on Thin Ice (1000 pcs.)
Time's Pieces: Winter (500 pcs.)Time's Pieces: Winter (500 pcs.)
Time's Pieces: Waterfall Flight (500 pcs.)Time's Pieces: Waterfall Flight (500 pcs.)
Time's Pieces: Look Out Below (500 pcs.)Time's Pieces: Look Out Below (500 pcs.)
Time's Pieces: Butterfly Season (500 pcs.)Time's Pieces: Butterfly Season (500 pcs.)
Time's Pieces: Bear Pause (500 pcs.)Time's Pieces: Bear Pause (500 pcs.)
Time's Pieces: Autumn (500 pcs.)Time's Pieces: Autumn (500 pcs.)
Time to Mow (1000 pcs.)Time to Mow (1000 pcs.)
The NoFace Doll (500 pcs.)The NoFace Doll (500 pcs.)
The Lord's Blessing (500 pcs.)The Lord's Blessing (500 pcs.)
The Kiss (500 pcs.)The Kiss (500 pcs.)
The Journey (100 pcs.)The Journey (100 pcs.)
The Builder (100 pcs.)The Builder (100 pcs.)
Tanager (1000 pcs.)Tanager (1000 pcs.)
Swan Lake (1000 pcs.)Swan Lake (1000 pcs.)
Summer Blooms (500 pcs.)Summer Blooms (500 pcs.)
Spring Fever (700 pcs.)Spring Fever (700 pcs.)
Spirit of the Wild (1000 pcs.)Spirit of the Wild (1000 pcs.)
Spirit of St. Nick (1000 pcs.)Spirit of St. Nick (1000 pcs.)
Spirit of Isle Royal (500 pcs.)Spirit of Isle Royal (500 pcs.)
Santa's List (1000 pcs.)Santa's List (1000 pcs.)
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* Every puzzle you see on our website IS IN STOCK. *
(Out-of-Stock items will reappear when available again.)

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