What Is SoManyPuzzles.com?
SoManyPuzzles.com is a website for everyone who enjoys jigsaw puzzles; whether you’re a casual puzzler or the puzzle enthusiast eating on a TV tray, because a puzzle is always in progress on the kitchen table!

SoManyPuzzles.com is dedicated to bringing you quality jigsaw puzzles and puzzle accessories at the best possible prices. We offer puzzles for every age, puzzles at every difficulty level, and puzzles to satisfy a variety of interests from the puzzle industry’s top manufacturers.

Our goal is to provide you with a pleasant, easy shopping experience (no puzzles there!), quick shipping, and outstanding customer service.

Whether you are purchasing one puzzle for yourself, or dozens of puzzles for associations, businesses or groups, be assured that your puzzle order will be given the highest priority.

We hope you will visit SoManyPuzzles.com often to take advantage of specials and to see the new puzzles added every day!

Are your puzzles new or used?
All of our puzzles are new (unused) and factory sealed in shrink-wrap. We buy them directly from the manufacturers.

Do you offer a printed catalog?
No. All of the puzzles we offer are listed on the SoManyPuzzles website.

Why do I have to log on to your website?
Actually, you don’t have to log on.  If you want to place an order, you can simply place the desired puzzle(s) in your shopping cart and proceed to check out.  If you want to use the “wish list” feature of our website, THEN you must create a logon and password so the website will hold your desired selections in your wish list.

Why would I need a wish list?
We know from feedback we’ve received from our customers that many of you spend hours on the website perusing our wide selection of puzzles.  If you place the puzzles in your shopping cart then decide to purchase them at a later day, when you leave the website and come back the selections are no longer in your shopping cart. 

Obviously, this caused a lot of frustration for our users.  So we implemented the “wish list” feature of the website, which will allow you to place desired puzzles in the wish list.  It does require that you create a logon (your email address), and password.  When you leave the website and come back, after logging in you will find all the items still in your wish list. When you are ready to buy you simply move them to the shopping cart.  You can add other puzzles directly to the shopping cart (if desired), then proceed to check out.  The system gives you the flexibility to move one, several, or all of the puzzles from the wish list to the shopping cart.

Can I place an order over the phone?  

Although our website is secure, we can appreciate that some people are apprehensive about entering credit card information to place an order over the Internet.  If that's the case, you can "place" an order, then call us with your credit card information.  Here is the most efficient way to do that . . . 

(1) Put the puzzles you want in your shopping cart. When you have placed all the desires items in your cart, click Checkout.

(2) You will move to a screen where you must provide the shipping information.  Fill in all the required fields: name, address where the puzzles are to be shipped, and your email address.  If you are shipping the puzzles as a gift and wish to include a message to the recipient, key it in the designated field on this screen.  Click Next. 

(3) The next screen gives you the shipping options (Priority Mail or UPS Ground). Make the selection you want by clicking on the dot in front of it.  Fill in the “bill to” information, then click Next. Don't forget this step; otherwise the website will not calculate your shipping costs.

(4) This takes you to a screen where you will see the total of your purchase, and below that is the place where you would normally enter the credit card information.

(5) Print this screen for your records, then simply LEAVE THE WEBSITE without entering any credit card information.

This process will create an "incomplete" sale on the website that we can see.  You haven't entered any credit card information, but the website will calculate the correct shipping charges, if applicable (which are based on the weight of your purchase and where we are shipping it to), and you'll see exactly how much you are spending.  

Wait a few minutes then call us at 1-724-960-1164.  We will be able to print off the “incomplete sale”, take your credit card information, and your puzzles will be packaged and shipped within 24 hours.

This will be the easiest way because you won't have to write down item numbers and prices, read them to us over the phone, PLUS you won't have to wait while we weigh your products and calculate the shipping charges.

What kind of glue should I use on my puzzle?
SoManyPuzzles offers puzzle preserver that is specially formulated for jigsaw puzzles. The puzzle preserver is easy to use and comes with a brush applicator. The glue dries clear, leaving your image beautifully intact, ready for framing. The glue we carry is made by one of the leading manufacturers of puzzles.

How much will a bottle of puzzle glue cover?
The 4 oz. bottle we carry will cover approximately two (2) 1,000-piece puzzles, or three (3) 500-piece puzzles.

How do I glue my puzzle?
It is recommended that you use specially formulated glue made for jigsaw puzzles. This glue is designed to dry clear. Ours dries in approximately 1-hour. Do not move the puzzle until it has completely dried. After drying, some pieces may still be loose. Simply apply a second coat to those areas, allowing them to dry completely. We recommend allowing your puzzle to dry overnight, then your puzzle will be ready to frame and enjoy for years to come.

IMPORTANT: If you are gluing and framing your puzzle, we highly recommend that you complete the puzzle and measure it BEFORE purchasing a frame (unless you are purchasing a puzzle & frame made by the same manufacturer).  The puzzle measurements you see on our website are provided to us by the manufacturer; but several manufacturers also include the word "approximate" so the size may vary slightly. We know of a specific case with a Ravensburger puzzle that showed measurements of 20" x 27". After it was assembled and glued, the actual measurements were 19.5" x 27.5". Unfortunately the person had purchased a 20" x 27" frame from another source and the puzzle would not fit.  

Do I need to glue the back of my puzzle along with the front?
We do not recommend gluing the back of the puzzle because it may cause the edges to warp. If you do decide to glue the back, the glued puzzle should be attached to foam board to minimize warping.

I am looking for a specific puzzle but I don’t see it on your website.
Please feel free to email us at: info@somanypuzzles.com. We might be able to order it for you.

What are the appropriate puzzle sizes for children? 
Some puzzle manufacturers have recommended ages on their puzzles. We have included that information in the specific puzzle descriptions. For those that do not provide the information you can use the following guidelines:
       3-4 years: 24-piece floor puzzles
       4-5 years: 35 to 63-piece puzzles, including 48-piece floor puzzles
       5-6 years: 100-piece puzzles
       6-7 years: 100 to 200-piece puzzles
       7 & up: 200 to 300-piece puzzles

When will my order be shipped?
Orders are shipped between 1-7 business days, although most will ship within 24-hours of receiving the order. Shipping itself takes 1-7 business days to arrive depending on where you live in the US. (6-10 days to Canada) and which shipping method you choose. All orders are shipped directly from our business located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We do not "drop ship" any orders.

Do you gift wrap?
No, we don't currently offer gift-wrapping. However if your purchase is being sent to someone as a gift, you can include a short message for your recipient, that you have the opportunity to enter during the check out process. This message, limited to 100 characters, will be included on the packing slip that is sent with your purchase to your recipient.

I don’t see the answer to my question here!
If your question isn’t here, please look under the "Policies" tab. Perhaps you will find your answer there. If not, feel free to contact us by email at info@somanypuzzles.com.

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