There are two different types of family jigsaw puzzles in this group:

The 400-Piece Springbok, Cobble Hill & Ravenbuger Family jigsaw puzzles are single jigsaw puzzles that have both large and small pieces that the whole family can enjoy. The larger pieces are on the edges (or on one side), graduating to smaller puzzle pieces in the middle or the other side.

The other are SunsOut Family puzzles which are 2 separate puzzles that when assembled, the large-piece section fits inside the smaller-pieced section. 

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World Map for Children (500 pcs.)World Map for Children (500 pcs.)
What's For Breakfast Family Puzzle (400 pcs)What's For Breakfast Family Puzzle (400 pcs)
Solar System Map for Children (500 pcs.)Solar System Map for Children (500 pcs.)
Sleepover (400 pcs.)Sleepover (400 pcs.)
Sea Otter Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)Sea Otter Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Puppy Pail Family Puzzle (400 pcs.)Puppy Pail Family Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Proud Parents Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)Proud Parents Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Playful Penguins Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)Playful Penguins Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Late For the Bus Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)Late For the Bus Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Grizzly and Cubs Family Puzzle (400 pcs.)Grizzly and Cubs Family Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Games We Loved Family Puzzle (400 pcs)Games We Loved Family Puzzle (400 pcs)
Frosty's Friends Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)Frosty's Friends Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Frosty Family (400 pcs.)Frosty Family (400 pcs.)
Dolphin Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)Dolphin Famly Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Dinosaur Land Family Puzzle (400 pcs.)Dinosaur Land Family Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Dalmatian Firehouse Family Puzzle (400 pcs.)Dalmatian Firehouse Family Puzzle (400 pcs.)
Candy Lane Family Puzzle (400 pcs)Candy Lane Family Puzzle (400 pcs)
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