Cobble Hill Puzzles offers a very high quality jigsaw puzzle for adults and children. If you are looking for a 35-piece tray puzzle or 2000-piece puzzle for adults Cobble Hill Puzzles has you covered.  And Cobble Hill Puzzles has an outstanding selection of the ever-popular 275-large piece puzzles that appeal to children and elderly alike.  Cobble Hill Puzzles, manufactured in the U.S., are made from premium grade blue board and use the finest inks and varnishes to give you a crisp, vivid image.
Here are links to narrow your search, if necessary:

Here are links to narrow your search, if necessary:

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Yorkies Are My Type (1000 pcs.)Yorkies Are My Type (1000 pcs.)
The Lime in the Coconut (1000 pcs.)The Lime in the Coconut (1000 pcs.)
Snowball Fight (500 pcs.)Snowball Fight (500 pcs.)
Seaside Attractions (1000 pcs.)Seaside Attractions (1000 pcs.)
Santa's Workshop (1000 pcs.)Santa's Workshop (1000 pcs.)
Santa's List (1000 pcs.)Santa's List (1000 pcs.)
Santa's Flying Merkel (1000 pcs.)Santa's Flying Merkel (1000 pcs.)
Santa's Favorite Quilt (1000 pcs.)Santa's Favorite Quilt (1000 pcs.)
Santa's Cats and Dogs (500 pcs.)Santa's Cats and Dogs (500 pcs.)
Sable Island 2000 pcs.)Sable Island 2000 pcs.)
Quilted Westies (1000 pcs.)Quilted Westies (1000 pcs.)
Matilda (500 pcs.)Matilda (500 pcs.)
Lake and Mountains (1000 pcs.)Lake and Mountains (1000 pcs.)
Holiday Candy (500 pcs.)Holiday Candy (500 pcs.)
Grandma's Buttons(1000 pcs.)Grandma's Buttons(1000 pcs.)
Gee Bee Over New England (1000 pcs.)Gee Bee Over New England (1000 pcs.)
Fur Ball (1000 pcs.)Fur Ball (1000 pcs.)
Don't Stop Now! (500 pcs.)Don't Stop Now! (500 pcs.)
Cupcakes and Saucers (1000 pcs.)Cupcakes and Saucers (1000 pcs.)
Create-Your-Own Puzzles (20 pcs.) w/ PencilsCreate-Your-Own Puzzles (20 pcs.) w/ Pencils
Christmas Ornaments (275 oversized pcs.)Christmas Ornaments (275 oversized pcs.)
Christmas Morning (500 pcs.)Christmas Morning (500 pcs.)
Christmas Bake Sale (1000 pcs.)Christmas Bake Sale (1000 pcs.)
B&O Railroad (1000 pcs.)B&O Railroad (1000 pcs.)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (400 pcs.)Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (400 pcs.)
Adirondack Winter (500 pcs.)Adirondack Winter (500 pcs.)

Cobble Hill Puzzles

Cobble Hill PuzzlesCobble Hill Puzzles offer unique puzzles that lean toward a nostalgic era but also offer puzzle enthusiasts’ favorites like dogs, cats, birds, wildlife, scenics and much, much more. When you buy Cobble Hill Puzzles you can be sure that every puzzle is meticulously crafted, using a random cut, and engineered to Cobble Hill Puzzles exacting specifications.  We are sure that when you buy Cobble Hill Puzzles you will be totally satisfied with their quality and will be back to buy more Cobble Hill Puzzles.

Buy Cobble Hill Puzzles

Buy Cobble Hill PuzzlesCobble Hill Puzzles offers a great selection of 400-count family jigsaw puzzles that include both large and small pieces for the entire family to enjoy. And Cobble Hill puzzles also have an outstanding selection of children's puzzles, especially their 36 and 48-count tray (also called frame) puzzles. You know the ones we mean. They have the shape of the pieces etched in the backing cardboard making it easier for young minds and hands to complete the puzzle. And they also manufacturer another type of puzzle not offered by ANY OTHER COMPANY, Create-Your-Own puzzles, where your child (or you) become the artist in drawing your picture or message. Great for sending love to grandchildren and grandparents! Buy Cobble Hill puzzles! We know you'll be pleased.
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