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  1. How Jigsaw Puzzles Aids Your Brain
    The brain is constantly at work subconsciously sending out information to various parts of your body or consciously thinking about tasks at hand. With so much information being processed on a daily basis can lead your thoughts seeming jumbled or cause great mental fatigue. Working on a jigsaw can help ease the stress placed on your mind but how?
    Focusing on a jigsaw puzzle allows your mind to focus on one task. This acts as a meditation of sorts and promotes peace. This increase in focus on one task, instead of several, at one time improves alertness and concentration. Once you are done with the puzzle, you will find that the function of your mind has greatly increased because you are better able to focus.
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  2. Hi Puzzle Fans!

    As we start out on this "blogging" thing, I thought we'd start with a little about our company.

    We started as an online retailer in 2007.  I had retired at an earlier-than-normal age from corporate America in 2006. After a year of blissful existence, my husband overheard me say to a friend that I had finally met my life's goal: to be a KEPT WOMEN.  It was really unfortunate that he heard me say that because the next thing I knew I was operating an eCommerce website selling jigsaw puzzles. 

    As you may already know, we are family-owned and operated so we're definitely not talking a super-big operation but a small mom-and-pop operation.  The business side of the operation works out of the lower level of our home with an off-site warehouse where most of the jigsaw puzzles are stored.  The "family" consists of me, my husband, and one very sweet son, and an equally sweet daughter-in-law.  My husband and I are full-time employees and the younger generation jumps in when needed.

    You might be asking "Why jigaw puzzles?"  My answer: "Why not."

    Actually we are a family of jigsaw puzzle fanatics and were seriously tired of the poor selection of jigsaw puzzles we found in the stores. We figured there were others out there like us who craved more interesting jigsaw puzzles that the box stores carried.  Thus, the birth of

    So now you know a little bit about us. Want to share anything about yourselves as it relates to jigsaw puzzles? What piece count do you prefer? What subject matter appeals most to you?  Do you enjoy irregular shaped puzzles or the more traditional rectangular or square?

    Oh, I almost forgot: Why weren't the ice cream cones a total mess in the Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzle you saw in the last blog?  Because it wasn't really ice cream.  It was more a paper mache-type substance that was created and colored to look like ice cream. After all, there is no way real ice cream would have survived more than a few seconds under the photography lights.  Interesting, huh?  And you thought it would be as simple as taking a picture of a bunch of ice cream cones to make that jigsaw puzzle...

    Until next time, keep puzzling!


  3. Hello puzzle fans and welcome to the blog.

    Through this blog we will be sharing with you a variety of information about jigsaw puzzles and the business we are in. As an online retailer for jigsaw puzzles we will shed some light on the work involved with being an online retailer as well as shining the spotlight on some of our manufacturers, the subject of some of our puzzles, and other things of interest to all of you puzzle fanatics out there.  Yes, you know who you are!

    We will usually spotlight a specific puzzle; either a new release or a big seller, and when possible we will provide some background information on the puzzle itself.

    We hope you will enjoy reading our blog and posting your own comments and puzzling accomplishments. We'd like to establish a meaningful 2-way communication with our friends and customers.

    Spotlight Puzzle:  ICE CREAM from Cobble Hill

    Our spotlight jigsaw puzzle for this issue comes from our friends at Cobble Hill.  The puzzle entitled "Ice Cream" (what else!) is 1000-pieces and was released at the end of 2012.

    Ice cream, being one of MY basic food groups, is enjoyed by many people. So I'm sure that accounts for part of the puzzle's popularity. I also think many people are drawn to the puzzle because of its dramatic colors.

    But ask yourself this: How were they able to photograph all of these cones without a dripping, melting mess?

    The answer: In our next posting! Oh how cruel!

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