Scramble Squares puzzles from b.dazzle, Inc. are "easy to play, but hard to solve!"  These very popular award-winning puzzles consist of only nine 4"x4" square pieces.   But don't let the small number of pieces fool you; Scramble Squares are perhaps the world's most challenging puzzles!  They are for everyone ages 4 to 104!  Children, adults, seniors, teenagers, college students, males and females love them.

And they are inexpensive, but make great gifts for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation, Travel, Get Well, Easter baskets, Birthdays, Christmas and other holidays.

Scramble Squares teach patience, perseverance, fine motor skills and critical thinking skills.  They help maintain mental agility in older persons, whilel providing stimulating entertainment as either a solitaire game or a cooperative activity.

They come in over 130 different designs covering a variety of interests including nature, sports, history, culture, geography, occupations, science, technology, fantasy, gourmet, hobbies, and activities.  So there is something for everyone!!  

Note: We would love to discount these puzzles to you as we do our other puzzles; but the manufacturer strictly enforces that we price according to their manufacturer's suggested retail price.

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American Desert Southwest Wildlife Scramble SquaresAmerican Desert Southwest Wildlife Scramble Squares
Ancient Egypt Scramble SquaresAncient Egypt Scramble Squares
Bats Scramble SquaresBats Scramble Squares
Figure Skating Scramble SquaresFigure Skating Scramble Squares
Fly Fishing Scramble SquaresFly Fishing Scramble Squares
Judaica Scramble SquaresJudaica Scramble Squares
Ladies' Shoes Scramble SquaresLadies' Shoes Scramble Squares
LSU Scramble SquaresLSU Scramble Squares
Martial Arts Scramble SquaresMartial Arts Scramble Squares
Olympic Figure Skating Scramble SquaresOlympic Figure Skating Scramble Squares
Olympic Hockey Scramble SquaresOlympic Hockey Scramble Squares
Philadelphia Scramble SquaresPhiladelphia Scramble Squares
Primates Scramble SquaresPrimates Scramble Squares
Renoir Scramble SquaresRenoir Scramble Squares
River Otters Scramble SquaresRiver Otters Scramble Squares
Roosters Scramble SquaresRoosters Scramble Squares
Teachers Scramble SquaresTeachers Scramble Squares
Temple in Paradise Scramble SquaresTemple in Paradise Scramble Squares
Texas A&M Scramble SquaresTexas A&M Scramble Squares
University of Florida Scramble SquaresUniversity of Florida Scramble Squares
University of Iowa Scramble SquaresUniversity of Iowa Scramble Squares
University of Wisconsin Scramble SquaresUniversity of Wisconsin Scramble Squares
Wilderness Adventure Scramble SquaresWilderness Adventure Scramble Squares
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