Categories for Large Piece Adult Puzzles:

Categories for Large Piece Adult Puzzles:

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You Better Be Good (1000 oversized pcs.)
Yankee Doodle Pups (300 oversized pcs.)
Yankee Doodle and Dandy (300 oversized pcs.)
World War II Aircraft (500 oversized pcs.)
Wolf Harmony (300 oversized pcs.)
Winter-y Morning (300 oversized pcs.)
Winter Stroll (300 oversized pcs.)
Winter Cheer (300 oversized pcs.)
Windows on the Southwest (300 oversized pcs.)
Where's Ma? (300 oversized pcs.)
Watching the Falls (300 oversized pcs.)
Watchful Eyes (300 oversized pcs.)
Want a Ride? (300 oversized pcs.)
Vossburg Tunnel (300 oversized pcs.)
Vintage Tools (275 oversized pcs.)
Vintage Candy Wrappers (300 oversized pcs)
Victorian Reflections (275 oversized pcs.)
Underwater Smiles (500 oversized pcs.)
Turtle Voyage (500 oversized pcs.)
Treats (300 oversized pcs.)
Too Much Fun! (1000 oversized pcs.)
Time Square (300 oversized pcs.)
Three Cavaliers (300 oversized pcs.)
The Saloon (1000 oversized pcs.)
The Front Porch Vet (300 oversized pcs.)
The Blessing (500 oversized pcs.)
Teddy Bear Workshop (275 oversized pcs.)
Teamwork (275 oversized pcs.)
Tea With Grandpa (275 oversized pcs.)
Tea Party (500 oversized pcs.)
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Large Piece Puzzles for Seniors

Large Piece Puzzles for AdultsThe popularity of large piece puzzles for seniors has skyrocketed over the past several years. Along with this increase in popuplarity is a wonderful increase in the number of large piece jigsaw puzzles for adults that are being offered by most puzzle manufacturers.  SunsOut and Cobble Hill have increased their offerings dramatically. And Ravensburger has kept their offerings consistent over the years. And the nicest thing about these new large piece puzzles for seniors is they have adult themes. No more children’s puzzles for adults and seniors who like large piece jigsaw puzzles.

Large piece jigsaw puzzles are offered in a variety of piece counts. Cobble Hill offers large piece jigsaw puzzles in a 275 count; Masterpieces offers them in 300 and 1000 piece counts; Springbok in 350 piece counts; Ravensburger offers adult large piece jigsaw puzzles in piece counts of 300 and 500 pieces. And SunsOut, the leader in the large piece jigsaw puzzles for adults market, has piece counts in 300, 500, and 1000 piece counts.

Why Are Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults So Popular?

Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for SeniorsLarge piece puzzles for seniors and adults are popular for several reasons. Large piece jigsaw puzzles are great for people with vision problems because they offer a larger visual clue when assembling the jigsaw puzzle.  Large piece puzzles for seniors are also popular with people with stiff, arthritic fingers. Because of their size the pieces are easier to grab and hold. But the best thing about large piece jigsaw puzzles for seniors is they help people complete the puzzle and feel that sense of accomplishment.   
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