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Autumn Farm (1000 pcs.)Autumn Farm (1000 pcs.)
Dog Paddle (1000 pcs.)Dog Paddle (1000 pcs.)
Floral Fence (300 oversized pcs.)Floral Fence (300 oversized pcs.)
Flower Barn (1000 pcs.)Flower Barn (1000 pcs.)
High Country Run (1000 pcs.)High Country Run (1000 pcs.)
Just Beagles (1000 pcs.)Just Beagles (1000 pcs.)
Just Boxers (1000 pcs.)Just Boxers (1000 pcs.)
Just Bulldogs (1000 pcs.)Just Bulldogs (1000 pcs.)
Just Chihuahuas (1000 pcs.)Just Chihuahuas (1000 pcs.)
Just Dachshunds (1000 pcs.)Just Dachshunds (1000 pcs.)
Just German Shepherds (1000 pcs.)Just German Shepherds (1000 pcs.)
Just Goldens (1000 pcs.)Just Goldens (1000 pcs.)
Just Labs (1000 pcs.)Just Labs (1000 pcs.)
Just Pugs (1000 pcs.)Just Pugs (1000 pcs.)
Just Schnauzers (1000 pcs.)Just Schnauzers (1000 pcs.)
Just Westies (1000 pcs.)Just Westies (1000 pcs.)
Just Yorkies (1000 pcs.)Just Yorkies (1000 pcs.)
Marine Sanctuary (1000 pcs.)Marine Sanctuary (1000 pcs.)
Movie Night (1000 pcs.)Movie Night (1000 pcs.)
Northern Renewal (1000 pcs.)Northern Renewal (1000 pcs.)
Pray For World Peace (1000 pcs.)Pray For World Peace (1000 pcs.)
Red, White & Bluebird (1000 pcs.)Red, White & Bluebird (1000 pcs.)
Sermon on the Mount (1000 pcs.)Sermon on the Mount (1000 pcs.)
Silent Watch (1000 pcs.)Silent Watch (1000 pcs.)
The Resurrection (1000 pcs.)The Resurrection (1000 pcs.)
Tundra: Bears It All (1000 pcs.)Tundra: Bears It All (1000 pcs.)
Tundra: Fishing Follies (1000 pcs.)Tundra: Fishing Follies (1000 pcs.)
Twilight Sentinel (300 oversized pcs.)Twilight Sentinel (300 oversized pcs.)
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Willow Creek Jigsaw Puzzles

Willow Creek Jigsaw PuzzlesGood old-fashion fun meets high-tech production with Willow Creek jigsaw puzzles. This jigsaw puzzle line was released in 2012 and is the entire line is proudly made in the U.S.A. 

Why Puzzle Willow Creek Puzzles?

Willow Creek jigsaw puzzles are made from high-quality blue board using precision cutting and fully-interlocking pieces for your puzzling pleasure.  Puzzles Willow Creek started with a small introduction of four different jigsaw puzzles, but are expanding the puzzles Willow Creek produces by mid-year.

Puzzles Willow is excited to add Willow Creek Jigsaw Puzzles to our line and hope you will try them and discover their great quality for yourself.

* Every puzzle you see on our website IS IN STOCK. *
(Out-of-Stock items will reappear when available again.)

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