Recent brain research has found that activities like working jigsaw puzzles help the brain and can slow the progression of Alzheimer's/Dementia disease.  These puzzles, designed specifically for people who are facing the challenges of this disease, offer extra, extra large pieces and cheerful, nostalgic themes. 

Carole Larkin, a certified Alzheimer's educator from Texas, says that puzzles made specifically for Dementia patients can help them achieve success and increase their level of happiness. Why not help them feel that sense of accomplishment and boost their self esteem.

Springbok is one of the first puzzle manufacturers in the U.S. to offer puzzles designed specially for people suffering with Alzheimer's Disease.  Hopefully, in the future they will increase their offering of these puzzles and other manufacturers will follow suit.

We at understand all too well the impact this terrible disease has not only on the person suffering with it, but also on those who love and care for them. If you are need of these special types of puzzles, please know that you are in our prayers.
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Who Are You? (35 pcs.)Who Are You? (35 pcs.)
White Tigers (15 pcs.)White Tigers (15 pcs.)
Unlikely Friends (35 pcs.)Unlikely Friends (35 pcs.)
Turtle Bay (15 pcs.)Turtle Bay (15 pcs.)
Spring Splendor (24 pcs.)Spring Splendor (24 pcs.)
Spring Splendor (12 pcs.)Spring Splendor (12 pcs.)
Sleepy Companions (15 pcs.)Sleepy Companions (15 pcs.)
Roses for You (12 pcs.)Roses for You (12 pcs.)
Relaxing with Friends (24 pcs.)Relaxing with Friends (24 pcs.)
Relaxing With Friends (12 pcs.)Relaxing With Friends (12 pcs.)
Red, White and Blue (12 pcs.)Red, White and Blue (12 pcs.)
Pretty Kitty (12 pcs.)Pretty Kitty (12 pcs.)
Potting Shed (15 pcs.)Potting Shed (15 pcs.)
Peaceful Seascape (30 pcs.)Peaceful Seascape (30 pcs.)
Path to the Cabin (25 pcs.)Path to the Cabin (25 pcs.)
Old Fashioned Soda Shop (30 pcs.)Old Fashioned Soda Shop (30 pcs.)
Making Music (12 pcs.)Making Music (12 pcs.)
Lunchtime on the Farm (30 pcs.)Lunchtime on the Farm (30 pcs.)
In the Past (30 pcs.)In the Past (30 pcs.)
Hummingbirds (25 pcs.)Hummingbirds (25 pcs.)
Holiday Cabin (35 pcs.)Holiday Cabin (35 pcs.)
Going Out (12 pcs.)Going Out (12 pcs.)
Farmer's Helper (35 pcs.)Farmer's Helper (35 pcs.)
Cowboy Snowman (25 pcs.)Cowboy Snowman (25 pcs.)
Colorful Caps (36 pcs.)Colorful Caps (36 pcs.)
Church Manger (15 pcs.)Church Manger (15 pcs.)
Christmas Train (25 pcs.)Christmas Train (25 pcs.)
Cabin Days (25 pcs.)Cabin Days (25 pcs.)
American Pride (35 pcs.)American Pride (35 pcs.)
A Day at the Beach (24 pcs.)A Day at the Beach (24 pcs.)
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